Jenny’s marriage: a movie analysis


fun section of becoming both queer and a lover of cinema is you are so eager observe a likeness of yourself as well as your area that you enjoy literally any movie containing any clue of LGBT representation.

You may possibly have found a wonderful little choice of films using the internet that concentrate on queer characters. I adored

Boy Meets Girl

(available on Netflix), an attractive movie about a trans girl slipping crazy in suburbia.


(Stan) says to the story of two men satisfying at a bar, and perfectly illustrates contemporary dating.

Sadly, for virtually any treasure discover five or six duds.

Jenny’s Marriage

is within the latter group. We watched it naively initially because I read the synopsis (essentially: lesbian wedding) and believed ‘hooray!’. Then I experienced through it an additional time because We felt an evaluation could well be amusing article to publish, right after which screamed at my self for putting up the theory.

I have never authored a movie review before, very normally I did some hard-hitting analysis (read: Googled ‘how to publish film review assistance kindly help’). A lot of options tell start out with a fascinating reality concerning movie. Discover one about

Jenny’s Wedding Ceremony

: it sucks. It truly, truly, sucks.

There will be spoilers ahead of time, but kindly understand that this is an excellent thing – visitors, you should be thanking myself. Im saving you from actually having to see this awful film.


he film’s beginning loans begin typically on most rom-coms, with a playful tune alongside a montage of lovers on their special day. It is like we have been likely to notice all couples tend to be heterosexual, but I additionally can’t help but notice also, they are extremely white.

Jenny is starred by Katherine Heigl in a performance that I really like to feel she tried very hard on, it is eventually disappointed by terrible dialogue and a clunky story. The film opens up with Jenny at the woman nephew’s christening. She hesitates and appears alarmed after priest asks if she’ll renounce satan. Everybody knows simply because this woman is covering a

bad secret

! This woman is a sinner! A big gay sinner!

Meanwhile, Jenny’s moms and dads are talking throughout the service and musing on the reason why Jenny doesn’t have a partner yet. LOL! Jenny’s parents tend to be assholes.

Basically, the movie not-so-subtly sets the world that Jenny’s family are extremely conventional and conventional, and are generally constantly driving her to

just get married currently

– but to a guy, obviously. Tradition, keep in mind?

Its uncovered in a world at Jenny’s apartment that she actually

is quite

dating somebody: RORY GILMORE! Sorry – What i’m saying is Kitty, played from the incredibly nice and intensely boring Alexis Bledel.

Because of the name of this film is

Jenny’s Wedding Ceremony

, it isn’t really astonishing these particular two girl pals choose to get hitched. What is shocking, would be that they communicate formally and scientifically concerning decision, as though agreeing buying a brand new kettle. They remain opposite each other like shameful peers within the work cooking area, drinking their unique cups of tea.

They hardly reach one another the totality for the movie and any views where they are doing kiss tend to be all of a sudden viewed from a length recorded, like too alarming observe in close proximity.

This whole film is indeed dull, and little is created in to make us care about all characters, particularly Jenny. Kitty pushes Jenny to the woman parents’ house to “drop the bomb” (come-out) and she does not come in with her, merely drops the woman back and drives away.

It is well worth noting the females have an extremely sexy puppy who isn’t officially introduced after all and that I feel this is exactly both a sickening oversight and private slight towards myself.

Jenny seems scared but as visitors we absolutely no thoughts on her because we don’t know this lady – that is Jenny? The reason why has not she come-out as yet? Why is she thus shameful around her fiancee? What is the pet’s title?!

So, the bomb is actually fallen, to the woman moms and dads just. The woman mommy cries. Jenny cries. There’s no nuance to the coming-out moments – Jenny’s mommy literally wears pearls and clutches them. Her dad paces the floor of his shed muttering about meeting or heritage or something, I’m not sure – i acquired bored making a toasted sub.

Jenny even offers a mean but hot brother, Anne. She actually is planning to obtain the

surprise of the woman life

! She spots Jenny at a department store, where Jenny and Kitty are considering wedding dresses. Side-note: tend to be these two called after another person’s cats? Maybe. We’re going to can’t say for sure.

Anne sites the lovebirds canoodling as well as the penny falls. Once more, your camera zooms out after actual canoodling (read: very awkward close-mouthed hug) occurs. The kisses they express appear so stiff and uneasy and instantly i am having flashbacks into the very first time I kissed a boy and inadvertently burped in his lips.

Very, everyone understands now, Jenny’s queer. Probably the woman just non-boring element. But will we care and attention? Seriously, no. The only method they might have made this movie more terrifically boring is when they removed all characters along with one 90-minute scene of Katherine Heigl garden, and also known as it

Jenny’s Weeding



he movie provides potential to analyze hard themes, specially around faith, however it doesn’t. It very briefly dances around anything difficult before moving on to some other world, generally a montage of people appearing pensive.

Oh yes, the montages – there are plenty. A track performs outrageous of fraught-looking family members and words reveal “I can’t change, in the event I attempted… regardless if I wanted to…” SO SUBTLE.

Between about 25 minutes of montages, there is a short scene in a marriage shop aided by the gals. Kitty emerges from change place sporting an ill-fitting, cheap-looking frock, and Jenny says “wow” in identical faux-excited tone whenever your associate informs you a story about their week-end.

You will find ZERO chemistry between these women, and I’m undecided if the actors in fact had been uncomfortable or if perhaps the flat program just failed to motivate all of them. Maybe one had a urinary system illness during filming? Who knows.

A lot more montages and this track constantly performs. It Really Is almost as if they’re attempting to reveal that Jenny are unable to change, regardless if she tried….

Out of the blue the wedding time has arrived, hooray! A single day that virtually no body cares about but we all knew was going to occur in any event as the recognized image for any film is the two ladies to their wedding!

Jenny’s dad actually sure if he’ll end up being here because he is however homophobic or something. Then again, right here they are, and of course all the attention is on him and his awesome feelings.

Our company is allowed to be really happy with him i believe but it’s a lot more frustrating your day is about some outdated conservative white man as opposed to two gals getting formally pals.

Mundane Jenny is actually walked on the aisle by her fantastically dull daddy and bland Kitty is actually waiting within altar, looking as believably ‘happy’ as whenever she played Rory Gilmore sipping all those bare glasses of coffee in Luke’s diner. Sorry, that feels mean – it is simply watching Bledel act feels like an extremely innocent child deer unintentionally wandered on set and everyone is just too polite to shoo it away.

They are today wed in sight of Jesus, which seems to play a significant underlying role inside flick it is not talked about while they skirt around any genuine problems with montages.

Some flicks are very terrible they are satisfying.

Jenny’s Marriage

, but is not therefore awful it’s amusing – it is simply dull or boring. It really is significantly mediocre and white and bland, like a stale Salada biscuit.

Possibly you should be happy that average movies about queer women can be found – not every film featuring an LGBT personality has got to entail passing – but i recently wish this had been better.

The movie comes to an end with white people carrying out the conga line and my notes tell me that “i’ve never ever desired death upon such a lot of folks in my entire life”. I am nevertheless uncertain as to the reasons I imagined seeing this flick 2 times will be recommended, most likely because I detest my self.

It’s custom in a few sectors to get rid of ratings with a star overview or quantity rating. I give

Jenny’s Marriage

one salada biscuit out-of ten, and that’s because there clearly was your pet dog.

Sidenote: should you want to enjoy an in fact decent rom-com that requires no passing or passing away but actually good acting – search

Imagine Me while

. I will go view that today as an antidote.

Deirdre Fidge is a Melbourne-based writer, comedian and social worker. Follow this lady on Twitter:

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